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 Our products and services portfolio includes a broad range of advanced connectivity products. This means you’ll never need to struggle with multiple providers to supply a customer.


Key products and services include:

  • Hosted Telephony suite including SIP Trucking, Cloud PBX and Hybrid solutions.
  • Broadband services from our network.
  • Layer2 Ethernet services.
  • Analogue WLR and Legacy PSTN lines (MPF and SMPF)
  • Network and Telephony Hardware including all the hardware we recommend for optimal service.
  • Co-location services.
  • Virtual ISP with L2TP Hand-off



We have combined industrial experience of  50 years providing business solution & with our top experts we are able to check and tailor business solutions for our trading partners, which ensures all have a competitive edge and repeat business.


Art of Tech

Virtual ISP with L2TP Hand-off

VoiceHost L2TP hand-off solutions allow technically capable partners to have last mile data connectivity traffic passed to their own LNS. As an L2TP Hand-off customer, you remain in complete control of all traffic which allows you to create your own class of network to suit your needs.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Flexibility and control to provide your own packages and shape your own class of service.
  • Access to our 24/7 Technical support and NOC access.
  • Branding – You can apply your own IP addressing and build your own packages
  • Access to a suite of connectivity options including a range of DSL and Fibre services with national coverage.